Tokyo XR Meetup

Tokyo XR Meetup is the monthly seminar held by “Tokyo XR Startups” and VR specialized media, “PANORA.”
The goal of the seminar is to accelerate the Japanese XR development.

Event Overview
Name:Tokyo XR Meetup
Location:Digital Hollywood University Graduate School Surugadai Campus 3F
Admission Fee:¥1,000 (VRC member:¥800 Digital Hollywood University Student: Free)
Maximum seats:200
Promoters:Tokyo XR Startups, PANORA
Partner: Digital Hollywood University Graduate School
Supporters:NPO Corporation OcuFes, General incorporated association VR Consortium

Tokyo VR Meetup #12 -Tips of Oculus Touch development & Windows VR / MR strategy-

Tokyo VR Meetup #11 -The Impact of "SUMMER LESSON"-

Tokyo VR Meetup #10 -Oculus Connect 3 Report & The Impact of "Mikulus"-

Tokyo VR Meetup #09 -Tokyo Game Show Report-

Tokyo VR Meetup #08 -SIGGRAPH 2016 Report-

Tokyo VR Meetup #07 -VR x PR-

Tokyo VR Meetup #06 -E3 report & What's great about Hololens-

Tokyo VR Meetup #05 -Graphic optimization technique to survive VR era-

Tokyo VR Meetup #04 -The Future of Internet Cafe in VR-

On April 28, Tokyo VR Meetup #04 -The Future of Internet Cafe in VR- was held!

The moderator was Minoru Hirota (Executive Editor of PANORA). For the first half of the event, Toshiyuki Kurihara (VR Department Director of TechnoBlood) and Yuka Kojima (CEO of FOVE) gave a talk on their vision to introduce VR technologies to the internet cafes and the future prediction of FOVE.
For the second half of the event, Junichiro Toyama (Executive Officer, Executive Producer of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) and Yukiharu Tamiya (AM Department of BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment) appeared on the stage and talked about “VR ZONE -Project i Can-” and the future of VR Entertainment facilities.
After each session, the questions from the audience didn’t stop until the time ran out.

Tokyo VR Meetup #03 -GDC/VRDC Preliminary Report-

Tokyo VR Meetup #03 GDC/VRDC Preliminary Report was held on March 22!

The guest panelists were Haruto Wannabe (Researcher, Engineer of gumi Inc.), Shun Kubota (Co-founder of MograVR), Zenji Nishikawa (Technical Journalist), and Kiyoshi Shin (Journalist, Director of Tokyo VR Startups Inc.) and the moderator was Minoru Hirota (Executive Editor of PANORA). They discussed GDC/VRDC for the first one hour.
In the second half of the event, Hironao Kunimitsu (CEO at gumi Inc.) gave a talk about “How we can see the future of VR through the startup companies in North America."

Tokyo VR Meetup #02 -Vision VR/AR Summit Report-

On February 24, Tokyo VR Meetup #02 -Vision VR/AR Summit Report- was held.

In the first part, Akihiko Shirai (associate professor at Kanagawa Institute of Technology) appeared on the stage to talk about “What is the success in VR business?” Based on his extensive experience in various areas, he showed his ideas of the way to succeed in VR business.
In the second part, Makoto Ito (Unity Technologies Japan) and Toru Nakatani (Tsumiki Seisaku Co.,Ltd.) discussed “Vision VR/AR Summit” which was held in Los Angels in February 2016.

Tokyo VR Meetup #01 -CES Report & The future of VR Startup companies-

On January 21, the first Tokyo VR Meetup was finally held!

The first part of the event was about Tokyo VR Startups. Kiyoshi Shin (Director of Tokyo VR Startups Inc.) and two participants of the incubation program appeared on the stage. Shin talked about why and how Tokyo VR Startups was established in the end of 2015. The participants were Kenji Takahashi (CEO of ouka-ichi-mon Inc.) and Hiroki Murashita (CEO of IcARus Inc.) and they talked about the concepts of their VR products.
The second part was about CES. Munechika Nishida (journalist), Yuu Ito(, and Shun Kubota(MoguraVR) compared this year’s CES and others and discussed VR development in the world.