TVS First Batch Participants

IcARus, Inc. (CEO: Hiroki Murashita)

IcARus's main concept is "to make the sky more accessible to human beings."
Our project has started in January 2015. The original plan was to develop "a product that we can play AR aerial battle with an experience of sitting in the cockpit of the drone." A player sees the image from a drone on a goggle with a smartphone and controls the actual drone.
The opponent is also an actual drone. They fight against each other by shooting virtual bullets. When the player hits the opponent drone, an explosion of VFX blows up, and the opponent loses the health points.
Various virtual items are floating in the air, and the players can shoot and get them.
We started with building a 1-meter combat plane and made our original multicoptered drone. At the end of 2015, we finally finished building the prototype of the product.
Our goal is not just making a game. It is to be the bridge between human beings and the sky.

ouka-ichi-mon, Inc. (CEO: Kenji Takahashi)

ouka-ichi-mon, Inc. will develop a physical calculation puzzle game, ”Time Control Rescue Puzzle."
Kenji Takahashi (Developer Name: ouka-ichi-mon) is one of the developers who started developing Oculus software soon after the launch of Oculus DK1. He has been making various VR contents for personal and commercial developments.
He often appears in various media as a provider of software, equipment, and technologies.
On the other hand, he is the representative director of the incorporated NPO, OcuFes, which provides the place of VR experiences for people who never experienced VR and the place for VR developers to demonstrate their works. He is the person who has seen "the reactions of people experiencing HMD for the first time" most.
He has a long career as a 3-D action game producer. Previously, he was one of the developers of "Dynasty Warriors"(from series 2 to 5) at Koei Co., Ltd. and the director of "PokePark." (the first 3-D action game of Pokemon)
The person who is perfectly familiar with how people experience VR, how to develop games, and VR itself will create a new VR entertainment, and it must be something we never experienced.

InstaVR, Inc. (CEO: Hiroyuki Haga)

InstaVR is a virtual reality focused technology company. InstaVR provides authoring tools (InstaVR) that make the publishing process for any VR platform, faster & easier for VR creators. InstaVR also provides virtual reality apps for consumers.
Over 500,000 users have accessed InstaVR apps including the flagship “AAA VR Cinema” a 4.1 star rated movie app.
Youtube : "InstaVR" Cloud-baesd VR (Virutal Reality) app maker demo

Hashilus, Inc. (CEO: Akihiro Ando)

Hashilus, Inc. will develop "the Portable VR Amusement Park" in the Tokyo VR Startups program. Although the VR contents are now developed mostly for home use, the VR content with the VR specialized housing will provide entirely different pleasant experience.
On the other hand, constructed VR facilities such as "The VOID," have the risk of obsolescence, and the transferal cost of the customers tends to be high. "The Portable VR Amusement Park" can adjust its construction for the needs of each site and travel across the country and overseas.
Our products such as "Hashilus"(a VR ride with a horseback riding machine) and "Urban Coaster HARDMODE"(a swing-type VR ride) won prizes, and we have wealthy experiences and knowledge of VR with the specialized housings.
The Oculus Rift has opened up to pre-orders, and the price was more expensive than most people had expected.
The touch point such as arcade games will be significant for VR industries to popularize VR.
Hashilus will be the pioneer of the VR popularization.

Yomuneco, Inc. (CEO: Kiyoshi Shin)

Yomuneco, Inc. develops a VR room escape game, "Fake Social Network VR." (provisional name)
With Vanguard CO.,LTD, we have planned and developed "Fake Social Network(FSN) -The Mystery of 13 Members-," a room escape game for smartphones with Facebook-like interface and released it in September 2014. FSN2 has been released in 2015, and we are preparing the release up to FSN6.
The project team in the Tokyo VR Startups program is capable of mass production of room escape games with new VR experiences based on our technical know-how. We aim to develop the solution that can be applied to various setup and stories.
Also, we will construct a framework for the monthly release of new episodes, and we are planning to utilize a VR-specialized controller and a Social VR.
By the end of June, we will be finishing the development of the solution prototype and the demonstration episode.