TVS 3rd Batch Participants

ActEvolve Inc. (CEO: Takuya Kato)

ActEvolve Inc. is developing a completely new e-Sports using VR. Especially sticking to "watching".
Based on the concept of this e-Sports are "When is the moment when seeing people feel interesting?" "What kind of figure does the viewer want to cheer?"
Also, we are also developing a watching & distribution system that allows audiences to excite anyone watching on any device.
In making VR's e-Sports, the first market to start is the VR cafe in Korea.
By sweeping the fields where audiences and players are always in, we collect more knowledge than anywhere else.
Team members are mainly game developers and system engineers, and there are plenty of knowledge on real sports.
We will create such a world that "shines the light on the talent that has not been in the limelight", "realizes himself I want to be" and "that will be praised".

EXPVR, Inc. (CEO: Keigo Fujikawa)

EXPVR, Inc. is a VR startup founded by two brothers.
Its mission is to create “super experiences beyond reality” that can only be achieved in VR.

Our first project is VR Comic Hero Action Game “BE THE HERO.”
“BE THE HERO” is a VR action game in which the player becomes a hero and fights against enemies. In this game, anyone can become the hero who everyone used to dreamed of.

The important mission of this product is to make revolution in the movement system of VR. Currently, the biggest issue of all VR contents is the motion sickness. We have developed 10 new moving methods, and put everything into “BE THE HERO.”

We believe that “BE THE HERO” will be our first step to the super experiences beyond the reality.

Graffity, Inc. (CEO: Toshiaki Morimoto)

【AR company Developing "the third eye" using artificial intelligence】
Graffity Inc. is a startup to improve efficiency and automation of human intellectual production using DeepLearning technology.
With the improvement of Computer Vision (Image Recognition) which is one of the research fields of Deep Leaning, the human vision can be more efficient and automated. Since the launch of Apple's ARKit, the consumers have become accessible to the world of AR.
In the "AR era" which will continue to grow for the next ten years, we are developing a new way of communication that allows people to enjoy their lives through the "third eye."

【We have launched a communication app for the mobile AR era】
We have launched an AR video/ graffiti video community app, “Graffity” with the concept of “Draw graffiti all over the world."

Pretia, Inc. (CEO: Yu Ushio)

Pretia is an AR & AI startup developing "the next Sekai Camera". Our mission is "to make the world truly fair", and this is to be achieved by combining these technologies to go beyond the limitation of time, space and calculation power of human.
What we are developing is an social AR app using AI technologies. We first focus on solving a niche problem of users, and gradually going to expand use cases, including social features and so on.
Our team consists of experienced AR/VR developers and researcher of AI and so on. We are also aiming to Yu build an international team as well as half of our team are already non-Japanese people.
We'll continue to provide challenging innovation in AR & AI field to realize the truly fair world for anyone.

mikai, Inc. (CEO: Takahiro Uemura)

mikai inc. is working on the concept of "delivering the best AR experience to the world with smartphones."
We are currently developing an AR camera application, "MARGIC." You can take unique movies using effects appear in animations and video games.
In the future, we will develop a user community inside our application. Also we develop a platform that can be utilized for corporate marketing. We will make a future that everyone in the world will enthusiastically experience social phenomena.

MyDearest, Inc. (CEO: Kento Kishigami)

MyDearest Inc. is a Japanese creative VR startup with the concept of collaborating the anime storytelling and the virtual reality. We develop "FullDive novel & FullDive MANGA" which are the VR versions of novels and comics.
A Japanese charismatic light novel editor, Kazuma Miki (CEO of Straight Edge Inc., the editor of "Sword Art Online") has been our advisor so that we can develop VR contents with high quality stories. MyDearest has won Masahide Shoji Prize at Entertainment Division of the 2nd Japan Entrepreneur Award in February 2017 and jooto Prize at Tech in Asia Tokyo in this September 2017.