TXS 4th Batch Participants

Edoga Inc.(CEO Taiga Yonemoto)

【VR Learning - Training & Simulation】
Use VR technology for education and training in business areas. Connect with various sensor technologies and utilize data that can be acquired in VR space to quantify both training and investment effectiveness.

Geocreates,Inc.(CEO Tsukasa Honda)

【The best spatial experience for everyone!】
Geocreates is an XR startup in the architectural industry. We are developing new spatial design services where the user's spatial experience leads. By making it possible to measure and estimate user's eye tracking and brain wave in XR, we visualize space and emotions, rationalize prototyping of space design, and achieve smooth consensus formation among stakeholders.
After studying VR and eye tracking at graduate school, from the achievements involved in various interior and architectural design work in domestic and overseas, first of all, for the designers, services including business owners and end users as it develops. For example, we analyses and design with the XR, such as impact entrance, relaxing furniture placement, well-selling stores, etc. By transforming the database of the resulting space and promoting open innovation, we will realize democratization of spatial design that everyone can recognize and enjoy the spatial value.

fav, Inc.(CEO Shota Okuno)

【Create the Next Era of Entertainment.】
The business we do is the Virtual YouTuber in entertainment area like Yoshimoto Kougyo’s businesses. Yoshimoto Kougyo is an entertainment conglomerate focusing on comedy which have led the Japanese entertainment for a long time. Now that the way of expression of broadcasting is changed by technology of working virtual YouTuber, we will pioneer the Virtual YouTuber domain of comedy and become a conglomerate of Virtual YouTuber in entertainment focusing on comedy. First of all, we will create 20 to 50 virtual YouTubers in comedy areas, take a position of Comedy Virtual YouTuber, and then broaden the position to the entertainment area widely.

Healthy VR Inc.(CEO Kazunori Sakai)

【Automatically logging fitness training by Apple watch.】
Healthy VR, inc. is the health tech company, and creates the product for Apple Watch and AR. Firstly, to log workout and food nutrition data is essential for a diet and health, but currently there is no simple method to input these date in either case. We are aimed for anyone to achieve their goal by automatically logging a workout and food data by Apple watch and AR. Apple Watch enabled us to log a workout data, and AR enabled us to get a feed back in realtime and to log nutritions. And now, we forcused on automating gym experience, and developing application for apple watch because Apple watch is gradually widely used. We measure workout by Apple Watch, and according to the information, recommend the appropriate workout plan from the workout data. By this, we are plan to change the gym experience.

UNIcreate ,Inc.(CEO Akimitsu Mochizuki)

【Vertual × Culture = ∞ 】
We create a pretty girl character as a Virtual Youtuber. We focus on making a Virtual Youtuber who has a deep knowledge on culture inside and ouside of Japan. Now our project is creating a new character who knows music very much. She sings, dances and talks about rylics amd arrangement of music. We hope that many music-otaku will be her fans. The representative of this company, Mr. Mochizuki used to work as a planner at Kakarias Studio, Happy Elements K.K. The members of the team, Mr. Atsushi Kusano is a young-adult books writer. The other member is Mr. Yoshihiko Shibata is a student of University of Kyoto and VR engineer.

UNISONLIVE ,Inc.(CEO Motoyasu Miyawaki)

【Become the top of music Vtuber】
UNISONLIVE will give exciting experiments to audience. Our team consists of an experienced producer, a voice actor, a writer, sound creator, 3D creator and engineers. We are now developing a music-based virtual YouTuber that has a deep world view. We plan to create AR live event, animation, comics and online music distribution. We will develop IP business worldwide.