TXS 5th Batch Participants

Quera (CEO:Mr. Masaki Yokoyama))

Quera has a mission of “creating a more satisfying shopping experience by technology than real shopping experience” and combines image search with image recognition technology and AR to develop a shopping application specialized in the fashion area. Mr. Yokoyama, who has experience in influencer marketing business and has strength in UX design, Mr. Yasuda who has strength in deep learning and algorithms, and Mr. Ikeda who is an engineer, will redefine the search engine from the image search axis to create new shopping experience.

Rikuty Inc. (CEO:Mr. Junya Minegishi)

With the mission of "Creating a Painless World", Rikuty Inc. is developing a chronic pain rehabilitation system using VR. Mr. Minegishi, who has cross border business experience in general trading company, Mr. Nagayama, CTO, who has experience in front side game development using Unity, and Mr. Wachigai, who is well experienced physical therapist in care business management and has been running media business for therapists, will provides healthcare services that combine physio-therapeutic approaches and entertainment.

CanR Inc. (CEO:Mr. Hitoshi Kawasaki)

CanR Inc.'s mission is to change "can't do" to "can do" with XR. Mr. Hitoshi Kawasaki, CEO of the company, has made at least 800 people “can do" about Kendama, Japanese traditional jaggling toy, by their preliminary product "Kendama Dekita! VR". By utilizing knowledge of these technologies and physics, they aim to develop a training system based on physical law control in XR and contribute to the improvement of people's physical skill in the sports field. First, they try to make "can do" with the training system for the indoor golf school.

Experience Sharing Co., Ltd. (CEO:Mr. Akihiro Yamamoto)

Experience Sharing Co., Ltd. has a mission to make work and life more enjoyable by sharing experiences using XR technology. With CEO Yamamoto's sales experience at a general trading company and CTO Ogino's experience about system development at leading manufacturer and media, they will develop next-generation MR training using AR glasses like HoloLens2 and AI for enterprises.

muujuu Inc. (CEO:Mr. Yupeng Pan)

muujuu Inc. will work on developing new businesses based on virtual characters. They are currently developing an inbound virtual influencer specializing in the Chinese market as the first step. Going forward, they will aim to expand the market for virtual characters in China, expand the inbound market in Japan, and support outbound of Japanese virtual content.